Our work

Designing a systems response for mental health emergencies.

In 2014 we worked with Hunter Partners in Recovery to help them design a systems response for people with severe and persistent mental illness. From our positions within the UTS Design Innovation Research Centre we developed a project that brought people together to talk about, create, and provide feedback on possible ways to improve the way the service system responds to mental health emergencies. Participants included people with a mental illness and their carers, and service providers from inside and outside the health system. Using methods such as interviews, design, storytelling and scenario exploration we developed several proposals to improve the experience for people with a severe mental illness and their carers. Watch this video if you would like to know more!

Design for Wellbeing

The NSW Wellbeing Collaborative was established by the NSW Mental Health Commission and a group of government and non-government representatives, to promote awareness across government and the community that wellbeing is ‘everybody’s business’. In 2016 we led a UTS research and innovation project to support the Wellbeing Collaborative to develop a set of ‘guiding principles’ that were aimed at building the capacity of agencies and organisations in NSW to develop and implement projects, policies and programs that promote wellbeing of the general community. Through a series of workshops, stakeholder interviews, systemic design sessions, and feedback sessions we proposed a set of strategic objectives as well as some starting points for the development of interventions to promote wellbeing. Participants across a range of different groups were involved in the project, including indigenous representatives, mental health advocates, and people in wellbeing roles across education, employment and local government.