How we work with you

We use collective wisdom and creative potential in systems

Our approach is systemic. Complex problems don’t have single one-size-fits-all solutions. They need interventions that are driven by and adopted by complete systems and can adapt to changing circumstances. We therefore involve people from across these systems, horizontally across organisations and communities, and vertically from people working at a strategic level and people working on the ground and living in communities. We draw on the collective wisdom and creative potential in the system by bringing these people together, using stories and common language to connect people, support them in learning from each other, and building capacity to help people think about complex issues in new ways.

We achieve impact through iterative and human-centred design

To turn these learning communities into creative communities that achieve real impact we use practices from design. These practices include new ways of seeing, thinking, and acting. We use human-centred design and build on academic research to see complex problems from multiple perspectives and developing a deep understanding of people’s needs and aspirations. To think differently about problems we use our expertise in framing problems, and let problem definitions and solutions ‘co-evolve’. To make sure that ideas become interventions that have real impact we act design through an iterative approach which includes developing and testing ideas and initiatives through techniques such as scenario testing, prototyping and co-design.

Everybody learns through cycles of experiencing and reflecting

A key element of any project we work on is collective learning. The people we work with learn by doing, experiencing and reflecting, and so do we.  We need to keep learning to develop our understanding of how to address complex social problems. By taking you on the journey and using our coaching skills, we make sure that we do not just help developing initiatives that lead to better outcomes for communities, but also provide you with the capability to transfer what you will learn in working with us to other parts of your work.