We are a small but nimble partnership, bringing human centred design methods to complex social problems. 

What we bring:

RAD SKILLZ. We have rich backgrounds in design, research and innovation, and knowledge of the public sector.

INTRINSIC MOTIVATION. We are driven to make a difference, to make things better, to help people flourish.

A FLEXIBLE APPROACH.  We are a radical two, on the fringe and flying under the radar. Freedom from a large organisation’s agenda means that we can much more easily customise our methods to suit your needs.

What you bring:

A COLLECTION OF STORIES. We don’t come to you pretending to know all the answers. We ask that you contribute your expert knowledge and experience from your field.

A GNARLY PROBLEM. Are you faced with a complex social problem that impacts directly on people’s wellbeing? Often, a new approach is demanded to address these types of problems. Rad’s systemic and design based methods can help you through this process.

AN OPEN MIND. This process can be difficult – it requires a willingness on your part to trust in the process, and to be genuinely open to doing things differently.  Are you prepared to go rad?

We are curious, creative and honest. We are passionate about creating environments where people can thrive. WE ARE RAD.